Your Golden Rule Is Bass Ackwards

golden rule

The Golden Rule says that you should “treat others the way that you would want to be treated.”

If that’s the “rule” to ultimate success, then why are you treating others the way that they treat you?

When a customer acts rude, is being blunt, or is rushing you through your process, do you mirror their bad behavior? Do you get all pissed off just because they’re being pissy with you? Customers act out because they’re sick of being lied to, tired of the empty promises, & terrified of making yet another mistake of buying something that they will hate 6 months later.

They’re not resentful of you- they don’t even know you; they’re resentful of the past and how you act will either confirm their negative biases or cancel their perceptions with renewed hope and trust because today-just maybe you’re the one who’s different. 

But you have to be the one to go first…

Act right even when you’re customers act out. Don’t be the reason why your customers decided not to do business.

Right effort is always rewarded because if your effort is backwards, so too will be your results.

I’ll see you in the Sales Life.

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