The Definition Of Your W’s


Not all of our lives started with a blank sheet of paper. Through no fault of our own, some of our papers were scribbled, ripped, stained, and crumbled- we were born into poverty, raised by a single parent, put up for adoption, or were the result of one night stand; some were forced to be raised by their grandparents while others had to live vulnerably with an uncle who couldn’t control his urges and an aunt who insisted that we were just having nightmares. Maybe you were the only parent you knew- you had to not only fend for yourself, but you also had to fight to figure out how to raise your siblings who were just a few hundred days younger than you. 

Without your permission, life started writing on your paper, but just because circumstances started it, doesn’t mean excuses have to finish it. Stop plagiarizing life’s copy and begin writing your own. 
You can either define who you are, what you want, where you’re going, and why you’re doing it or you can let others provide the definition of who you’re aren’t, what you shouldn’t,  where you’ll remain, and why you can’t. 
The only question that remains is when will you make the decision to define or be defined?
 Now would be the best option. 

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