Monthly Archives: May 2015

Who’s doing the mirroring?

In sales, we’ve always been taught to “mirror” our customers, but what do you do when your customer is rude?

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Thank You Mr. Vic

When my daughter MacKenzie says her prayers at night, I let her free flow-whoever and whatever she wants to pray for, I let her roll. One night as she was praying, she prayed for a name that I’d never heard before-his name was “Mr. Vic.” When I asked her who “Mr. Vic” was, she told […]

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They’re Matters, Not Meaning

Showing up today matters. It matters that you show up on time for work. It matters-even if it’s 2 words or 2 sentences- that you find something worth writing down today that will help shape you into becoming better than you  were before you captured it. It matters how quick and how many customers you are willing […]

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