Monthly Archives: September 2018

“Forgive & Forget” is bs

How do you forgive if you cannot possibly forgive for the wrong that’s been done to you?

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“After” you’re exhausted

Here the 6 min Episode #288 “After you’re exhausted” right here. From the book Higher is Waiting by Tyler Perry. For 5 years Tyler Perry spent every emotional and physical dime he had to put on his production for I Know I’ve Been Changed, but no matter the date or city, every single one of them […]

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The University of Adversity

Episode #287: “The University Of Adversity” Listen to the 7 min episode right here How did a guy named Augustine go from a drunk, contemplating suicide to selling over 50 million books in over 25 languages? How do you deal with Adversity? Adversity doesn’t care how good you’ve been; how loyal you are; nor how […]

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