It’s better to become over time than overnight.

In the book, “The 1% Rule,” author Tommy Baker writes that when you see someone who is successful, you think that they just popped out of nowhere & suddenly became an “overnight” success. As if they just woke up one day & decided that they wanted to sell out stadiums;?star in blockbuster movies; & post to millions of fans. “What you don’t see is touring around the country in a beat up van; cramming 7 people into a crappy motel room; fights with the record label & management;” you don’t see the times they slow paid the rent just so they could buy enough gas to get to the next gig. You didn’t see the times they got boo’d offstage; they played to a crowd of 3; lives out of their car; sat in a house with no electricity; borrowed their best friend’s car because theirs was repo’d. What you don’t see are the nights when they were sitting on the sidewalk with their back against the wall questioning themselves if all this was even worth it…

Today all you see are the results, but what you don’t see is what it took to get there. Success is not found in bullet points; 10 tips; 7 hacks, a series of inspirational videos, & it’s sure as shit ain’t found overnight.

Truthfully you really wouldn’t want “overnight” success, because if you suddenly “had it all,” you’d destroy yourself. I remember during the recession, I found myself $100,000 in credit card debt. (Not even counting mortgages & lines of credit.) I was so deep in debt, I would throw newspapers at 1:30 in the morning & run a store during the day. I barely had enough money to feed my family. When I finally confessed to a friend he told me, “Marsh I could write a check & bail you out of this mess…my heart hurts for you, but I won’t. I will not write this check because you’ll only learn if you feel both the relief of having your debt adjusted as well as the pain of embarrassment of having to start over & sit in the courtroom with many other docket numbers who’ve f’d up just like you.” And with that, my friend wrote a $1500 check to an attorney to begin bankruptcy proceedings. In hindsight I’m glad that’s all he did, because if he would’ve wiped out my debt, I would’ve buried myself in debt again- if not worse, because I wouldn’t have felt the pain of the process of becoming.

It’s better to become over time than overnight.

If you went overnight from 0 to millions; from drowning in debt to debt free; from employee to CEO, you’d destroy yourself because you didn’t put in the sweat equity of becoming along the way. It’d be too much-to overwhelming, & you’d have no experience to draw from when you needed it most. So yes, what your struggling through is literally saving your life right now, because you’re becoming in the making. As you slog through your winless, thankless days, you’re building resilience, grit, persistence, & gratitude brick by brick.

To the salesperson who wants to walk in on day one and sell 30 vehicles per month, I say no you don’t because you’d have no clue how to take care of them. All of the odd hour phone calls; coming in on your days off; running to meet your customers with a spare key or battery boost and handling their service crises…& that’s just one month. What about the 50-60 people you have to work with the following month? Not only do you have to handle 60 unique experiences to net an income, but you also have to-don’t forget (!), handle all of your sold customers from the months & months, & years prior. You don’t walk into the weight room and suddenly go from benching 95 lbs to 335; you have to slowly adding 5 & 10 lb increments along the way and build your way into becoming stronger. Who in the hell doesn’t want to hit the $700 million lottery, but if you did hit it, you’d be so financially ignorant that those “managing” your wealth would rob you blind & leave you broke, because you wouldn’t know what questions to ask-you wouldn’t know what to even look for. That’s why you see the $100 million athlete end up broke because he became the athlete, but never took the time to become educated about money management. All he wanted to do was sign & swipe for the expensive cars, lavish homes, and tailored clothing all while his “manager” bilked millions.

It’s better to become over time than overnight because when, (not if), adversity strikes, if it took you years of restarts, do-overs, setbacks, & rebuilds- you’ve been so battle tested along the way, that even if it’s a situation that that is new or unfamiliar, you’re R.F.A. Ready For Anything.

Your results are important, but what you become in the process is impactful.

Stay in The Sales 💪ife.

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