High expectations, low commitment

In his book The Leap Of Your Life Tommy Baker writes,

Most people have high expectations, but low commitment…”

Of course you have high expectations today.

You want to be a top earner, have that fat-ass bank account, drive a nice car, & have a schweeet home…

Most have high expectations & high interest.

Few have high commitment.

Interests follow emotions. Something is new & promising so our emotions are high & we chase our expectations…

But once we realize it’s harder than we initially expected & it’s gonna take longer than we anticipated, we quickly lose interest & find something else to chase.

A commitment’s an obligation…

…a pledge to yourself that you will navigate the dark clouds when (not if) they come your way.

See it’s easy to keep the happening happening as long as it’s happening, but it’s much harder to make it happen when it ain’t happening.

For the successful, commitment is often dressed up to look like luck. Favor seems to just fall into their lap- untrue…

Those who are successful have built up so much momentum-BECAUSE THEY STAYED COMMITTED, that results tipped and compounded.

Separate yourself from the masses of those who are just interested.

Stay committed…& stay in The Sales 💪ife.


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