Why you’ve lost your touch

As famous as artist & business mogul Jay Z is, Howard Stern remarked that it’s got to be hard for him (& his wife Beyoncé) to go anywhere…much less back to his old neighborhood…

Jay cut Stern off, “I don’t let success separate me from who I am. You don’t have to be sitting on a bench in Marcy Projects to represent the culture. Everywhere I am- right here… right there.”

Stern challenged Jay’s statement, “But with the passage of years, don’t you think you lose your touch because you’re living a fairy tale life.”

“No, I’ll never lose touch,” Jay shot back, “I don’t sit on the bench in Marcy Projects. I’ve lost touch in that way. But who I am as a person, I’m still telling these stories. I’m still in touch with those emotions & feelings of who I am- as if they were yesterday.”

Jay Z is a huge success because he’s still in touch

…with the emotions of those he represents.

Maybe you’re not achieving the success you once did or always wanted…

& it’s not because you’ve lost your touch…

…but you’ve lost theirs…

…the ones you’re “representing.

See, you’ve forgotten what if feels like to be a buyer. Fearful that you’re making a bad decision at too high of a price. Should I have looked more? Should I have gotten someone else’s advice? Can I trust the one who I’m working with?…Will they be here to help me in the future?

You don’t know what that feels like anymore because all you’re thinking about is a commission.

You’ve forgotten that you were once 16…

…& not be able to afford the latest Jordans, be accepted by the cool kids, and have to come home to a mom and dad who have no time for you because they’re too busy fighting one another.

Your title may be teacher, but you’re more of a lecturer. You say you don’t have time to lend a shoulder because you’ve got too much material to cover- besides students today are a lost cause anyway.

You’ve forgotten what it feels like to be a salesperson, hourly worker, or young manager…

To go to work and be rejected all day long- to feel the vice grip of not enough money for the month…to leave one job and drive straight to another…to have no voice-no say so, & be just a do this/do that minion…

You’ve lost your touch because you lost their touch…

…of what your people are feeling, facing, or fighting through every minute of every day.

How can you represent what you no longer feel?

You may no longer walk in their shoes physically, but you can sure as hell walk in their souls emotionally and represent.

Feeling brings connection & connection leads to representation & representation leads to better results.

But first you’ve got to represent.

Stay in The Sales 💪ife.


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