Monthly Archives: September 2019

Square the Circle…don’t Circle the Square

When I’m pressed for time, I’ll run a quick 2 miles around the road that circles my house. (4 laps = 1 mile) Because I had to force myself to hit the road, I try to hurry & get it over with by cutting the corners instead of fully rounding them off. At the time, […]

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Quit reading

Evan Carmichael said, “Reading doesn’t have to be your top priority, but learning should be…” So maybe reading’s not your bag, but just because you don’t like to read doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t learn. You’ve just got to find the way that works better for you. I get it… Reading may feel like a […]

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Be unmeasurable

You know, you can measure a man up pretty quickly if you know the point where he’ll quit… where when it gets hard, he quits & turns back. But what about the man who just keeps showing back up? Who keeps driving? Who keeps pulling himself back up? 🔥How do you measure the “unmeasurable?” You […]

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