Why you’ve lost your confidence

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“Confidence comes from competence,” Dan Lok.

When you’ve lost your confidence it’s because you either:

🔥Lack awareness

🔥 You lack competence

Competence is a collection of your S.K.E.s




If you KNOW you have the skills, knowledge, & experience- I mean you’re banging away at your SKE’s daily, then you lack awareness.

You lack awareness because you’re waiting on customers to remind you of your confidence (I.e. Making a sale), but if you’re only successfully making a sale 40% of the time, you’re not gonna be reminded very often.

Even if you’re not in sales, you lack awareness because you’re putting all your stock in a specific outcome, decision, or result & when you don’t get it, you doubt yourself.

You may also lack confidence because you’re deficient in 1, 2, or all of what makes up competence.

You lack Skills: That’s your ability amplified daily. Professional athletes are all talented, but they’re maniacal about developing better skills.

You lack Knowledge: Do you know what you’re doing? Do you know what your talking about? Do you know your product?

You lack Experience: CURRENT EXPERIENCE. Don’t give me that, “I was in HR for 37.237 years…I’ve been going this for 20 yrs & 11 months (with a neck roll). Do you have current experience- meaning, even if you are not winning right now, are you still getting out there and working to make it happen?

If you’ve lost your confidence you either lack the awareness or you lack the competence. In either case fix it.

Stay in The Sales Life 💪

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