Says who?

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When Michael Jordan returned to the Chicago Bulls after a 2 month long baseball hiatus & lost to the Orlando Magic in the playoffs, people said he’d lost his touch…

Reporters & opponents both chirped that he wasn’t the same MJ he once was…and they were right.

Michael Jordan was wearing #45 instead of #23.

After the game MJ shook hands with the players from the other team & whispered, “Enjoy this moment because you’ll never see it again…”

MJ not only put on the old number- he put on the old work ethic & set out to bury those who doubted him by winning 3 more championships.

When people look at your temporary “now” & compare it to your once high “then” & say that you’re finished…

Says who?

Who gets to decide that? Them or you?

MJ didn’t come back to get even…he came back to get ahead by dominating anyone who stood in his way.

Let those who doubt you today be the same ones who stand dumbfounded tomorrow.

They said “You’re done…” you respond with “I’m just getting warmed up…I’ll say when I’m done”

Stay in The Sales Life 💪

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