You have NO CHANCE!

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When successful tech entrepreneur Marc Lore was applying to schools his father asked him if he’d applied to the prestigious Wharton School of Business, Lore responded that he hadn’t because he had NO CHANCE of being accepted.

“So what’s the downside?” his father asked? “What would be the downside if you just applied? Sure the odds of being accepted may be slim but at least it’s not a zero…it’s a non-zero.”

Think about all of the zeros you’ve taken in life…

All of the times you didn’t ask the question, raise your hand, fill out the application, make the offer or phone calls, send the emails, follow up, or walk through the open back door…all of the times you did nothing simply because you thought- in your mind, there was NO CHANCE.

Your assumptions could’ve been right…but they could’ve been wrong too.

Who cares, right?

You should…

You should enough to try it anyway…to do your part to AT LEAST make it a non zero.

The response back is irrelevant-the chance taken is what’s important.

A “No” is proof that you took the chance…& at least it was a non-zero.

Stay in The Sales Life 💪

(Ht Tony Gonzalez “Wide Open” Podcast)

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