5 reasons to stay “needy”

I had a salesperson who was grinding down to the final few days of the month & his month was $$$ short.

“I need to make enough to pay my rent, car note, & eat,” he told me.

“Then do what you need to do,” I snapped back.

& he did- actually he exceeded his need.

But then a new month started…

With a fresh, full month ahead he list his “need”& shifted back to a “want.”

You “want” to lose weight…

You “want” to have a good month…

You “want” to save money…

But if you don’t have a specific need, you lose the sense of urgency & will find yourself in a desperate situation again.

There’s power in being needy.

Here are 5 ways to keep you “needy:”

1. When you know your “X,” then you know your “why.” Because you have a specific need, you know why you rise early, stay late, chase every lead, and push beyond your comfort zone.

2. Being needy drowns out the noise. Because “wants” are unfocused, you participate in the bs, but when you’re needy, you’re only focused on hitting the mark.

3. Needy forces you to find unknown gears. You have capabilities and skills you never knew you possessed, until you have to really dig down & dig in. Initially you’ll be emotionally & physically tired, but you’ll get stronger & better.

4. Being needy gives you temporary memory loss. You don’t have time for the recap, you’re on to next.

5. Being needy is infinite. You may hit the mark, but you’ve built up so much momentum & confidence, you just pile it on.

Wants are wishes…needs are missions.

Stay in The Sales Life 💪

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