Don’t wait for the “other side…”

There are 3 types of salespeople right now:

1)Those who are waiting for the all clear in order to go back to work

2)Those who believe that things are going to be great “on the other side of this”

3)Those who get better now so when better comes they’re the best.

Chase Jarvis author of Creative Calling” was one of the best photographers in the world. On Tommy Baker’s podcast, he said that his business doubled after the 2008 financial crises, because of what he was doing DURING the financial crises.

Don’t wait for “the other side,” get better now so when better comes you’re already in full stride.

If you’re a #2 kind of salesperson, ideas are probably flowing to you right now and you’re putting them in your mason jar of ideas to use when the flood gates open. Exercise those ideas right immediately. Even if you think it’s corny or won’t work, do it anyway because creativity breeds more creativity. When I started The Sales Life Podcast, I had about 20 different show ideas, but nearly 500 episodes later, I have hundreds to choose from-and more arriving every day:)

There is less competition right now. Why wait to join the masses when things start flowing again…roll now!

If you start now, you’ll increase your capacity for more. Even though your production is less, you’ll grow your effort. Push on the development of marketing, connection, consistency, and creativity.

Capacity is a use it or lose it kind of skill. Think about the times when it’s slow and suddenly you get bumrushed.  Because you’ve shrunk in capacity, you’re not as sharp and can’t handle as much; but when you’re in that busy kind of flow, you just add it to the pile and keep it moving, right?

Win now, so when the business comes back, while others are unlocking their sales skills again, you’re flying right by.

If you’re at home, block out a few hours to work on your development. No consuming social media, just a few hours of production. Every morning I work on TSL for 2 hours before work that way when I do get to work, I’m already in full, mental stride.

Those lil ole’ 2 hours? That’s 720 minutes per week; 3100 minutes per month; 37,152 per year! I’m 619 hours ahead all because of the 120 minutes each day. (& that doesn’t even factor in the compounded production!)

Here’s an idea for you to create mutually beneficial ways to market yourself. Pick one of you favorite local restaurants and tell them that you’re going to eat there all this week. Each day you’ll buy a different meal and talk about how good it is on Facebook live. In exchange for the promotion, see if they’ll put a small flyer of you and your business in that week’s to-go orders. National chains may not be able to do this, but your local ones can. Not only do you financially and socially support that business, they help support you in return.

What are some of your creative ideas? I’d love to hear them. 

“The other side” is a mentality…& the other side is now.

Never settle; keep selling your way through life. Stay in The Sales Life. 

Hear today’s episode #468 here.

Photo by Terje Sollie on

Photo by Terje Sollie on




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