There are no shortcuts..only 2nd times around

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Be glad that you don’t have shortcuts. I know you want them. I do, too. You want the shortcuts in order to be spared of the pain, doubts, & the long hours with no results.

You’d much rather be able to look slightly over to the left, and see that path that’s barely visible, take it & on the other side, everything transforms from the grays of failure to the rich color of results.

But life is a long game. Because it’s a long game, learning it requires that you take the long road.

There are no shortcuts, only second time(s) around.

It takes going through, failing often, and coming back to it again and again-a little bit better, a little more efficient, a little tighter the next time.

I met a guy the other day who re-sells items on Amazon. Four months into the year he’s earned $200,000! Hearing stories like that I think, “Oh, I’d  that too!” But it doesn’t happen all at once-I’m sure he had to figure it out…on the long road.

One thing you have to keep in mind; the story people tell you is the shortcut, but writing the story is the long road.

It’s true for me in sales. Learning the art of sales is a long road. Two decades later, I’m still learning the nuances. How to navigate through economic challenges & shortages, as well as the weaving through the unique personalities of both co-workers and customers alike. It’s tough to deal with another salesperson who ruins a relationship over a commission. It’s tiresome to keep a smile on your face while the customer hates your profession-to not get defensive so that you can get them to open up and see which one of your products fits their needs. Not to mention there’s the pressures of providing a service, while also trying to figure out how to pay your mortgage.

Sales is a long road. You must fail more than you succeed in order to succeed.

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There are no shortcuts, but there are a second time(s) around-a chance to make the next lap a little better than the previous one.

My bankruptcy, took 11 years to recover.

If it were all over after I’d filed, I’d been right back in the courtroom to file again.

It was a long road, but I needed it in order to change my behaviors, otherwise I’d be a repeat offender. When I applied for credit for that must have, the bank would turn me down. What I thought was a denial was actually a protection. The court protected me by saying that I had to come out of this very slowly.

One of the biggest regrets I have as a parent, was to create shortcuts for my oldest son. Like any parent, I wanted him to have it easier than I did, so I created numerous shortcuts. What I didn’t consider is one day my child would grow up to become a man & he wasn’t prepared. He didn’t realize there were consequences, struggles, and real issues to deal with & it took a massive derailment for him to figure it out on his own.

It was a long road for him, but he got a second time around.

There are no shortcuts to a healthier life. Sure, you can take a pill for rapid weight loss,  but when it comes to creating a healthier life, it’s a long road of having to say no to your favorite foods while working out for hours seeing no results.

It’s a long road, but you’ll make better decisions this time around.

Your development is in the long road.

It’s distasteful, frustrating, full of struggles, riddled with unfairness, and many days you’ll have nothing to show for it. And each day, life insatiably asks for more.

You have to go through to get better…to get tighter… to become more wiser, & more efficient.

But that’s the only way you can see lasting results.

Even if someone taught you how to get there, it’s unique for everyone & still requires that each person take the long road. Even if there were a shortcut, you’d  give it all back again.

There are no shortcuts, only second time(s) around.

How do you figure out anything if you already have all of the answers?

Life’s an open book, but you have to take the long road to find the answers.

Never settle, keep selling your way through life, no matter what. 

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