When your “A game” is missing, you’ve better bring B &C

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I wish I could bring my A game every day, but some days it just ain’t there for me.

I could get frustrated, bring no game and chalk the day up that it’s just not my day…or I I could bring my B or C game instead.

A game days = Flow. These days it’s like I don’t even have to think. Everything seems to click into place. I even shock myself at how well I can flow and counter. These are the days I feel unstoppable.

B game days= Lean. These are the days when it’s just a little off-not bad….but not quite in sync, you know? When things seem amiss, I’ve got to be careful not to blame or not care. Those two things will derail my momentum. I cannot use the excuse that everyone’s an idiot nor can I shrug off the details. Everything matters. On my B game days, I have to adjust and lean heavily on my processes otherwise I’ll emotionally spiral out of control. 

**Note to self: B & C game days are momentum bridges. I cannot break the pipe-meaning stop the flow of my momentum. Even though it’s a suck day for me, I’ve got to bring some game instead of no game at all. These are the days  that I must focus on the processes and not the results.

Athletes do this. It’s impossible for them to be in the flow every night, so the nights their game is off, they adjust and lean to their processes until their rhythm flows again. B game days are the days that I’ve got to be strict on my mechanics and positioning. When my mind screams at me with what’s the use!...I must hit the processes.

**Note to self: On your B & C days, do not have a conversation with yourself. No negotiating, just do, otherwise you’ll talk yourself right out of it.

C game days= Push. These are those days that are loaded…when I say loaded…I mean loaded with the Don’t Wants. I hate these days because not only do I not want to do anything…but I get pissed off because I didn’t do anything which makes the situation even worse! My C game days are the days I have to force the action. Even if I suck..at least I didn’t scratch. 

Don’t break the pipe. If I can keep the channel open…then I can at least be in position for success.

Never settle, keep selling your way through life NO MATTER WHAT.

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