“It’s not where you’re from, it’s where you’re at…”

Every next level of your life demands a new version of you. ~ Inky Johnson

Those were the words Inky Johnson said to his friend who’d just shot at someone.

They’d grown up in a rough neighborhood and made it out thanks to football. Inky was playing at Tennessee and his friend was playing at Mississippi State. Tensions rose one night, his friend snapped, pulled the gun and the trigger.

What if that bullet would’ve found its mark? How different would the lives of some many be in that one instant?

When Inky called to confront him, he said, “Inky you know where we from!” Inky cut him off, “…but we’re not in Kirkwood any more.”

Even if you’re in a different environment, if you’re using old ideas, you can leave, but you’ll always act back to the old ways of doing things.

It’s not where you from, it’s where you at. ~ Rakim

To Inky’s point, this is why you have to change your mind along with your environment because if you don’t, even though you’re in a new place, you’re gonna do where I come from things and get where I come from results. 

Why carry and act in a way that you fought so hard to get away from any way?

It’s not where you’re from…it’s where you’re at and if the at you desire is higher than where you’ve been, then stop doing come from things. 

If you have such a need to prove to others where you’ve come from, then show it in distance. So that when things pop off, you’re so mentally evolved & distanced from the person you once were, that you don’t think about handling things in a reactive way. You bring a resolution in a productive way.

“Don’t make me go there,” is proof that you still have more mental work to do.

Next level version = Next level thinking.

So that new job you’re running too…

That new boo who is perfect for you…

That new town you’ve always wanted to move to…

New environments, but if you don’t elevate and bring a new mind to your new environment, you’re going to act on old thoughts.

You must change your default settings…the operative word being fault. Take responsibility over (not for) everything that’s happened in your life.

Where you came from is so that you can relate to others…but it doesn’t give you permission to mentally reside there forever.

Pack a bag if you must…but make sure the first one you pack is your mind.

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