“You have to know form in order to break form…”

You have to know form in order to break form…you have to know structure in order to break structure. Otherwise you’re just shortcutting. ~ Michael Gervais

You want the quick results so you ask yourself the question, “How fast can I get there & what can I get away with not doing AND still get the results.”

The short answer? Nothing grand.

Because to get to that next level (& subsequent higher levels), it’s going to require form and structure.

And that’s hard. Adhering to form and structure and have results trickle in-if at all, while other people seem to be lapping you is the reason why most people abort the mission. Because things aren’t happening fast enough, you’ll break your form and structure-you may see some results, but you’ll give it back, because the shortcut way up leads to sharp nosedives later.

You shortcut because you see an athlete or an entrepreneur do it. The athlete will throw or shoot awkwardly and it’ll pay off-and you’ll quickly run outside to practice the same awkward moves.

Or an entrepreneur seems to throw down the gauntlet, push all of his chips in, and hits big. So you recklessly follow that same logic.

A top producer will be on the verge of a huge deal collapsing, but he audaciously tries something…and it works. So you tear your playbook up and begin adlibbing.

You look at them and say, “Me too!”


You’re looking at what they did, but you miss what they know.

“You have to have form in order to break form. You have to have structure in order to break structure.”

Sure, in the moment, pros may break way outside the lines…but the difference between them and you is pros always come back to form and structure and you just keep on going. 

The .1% make the highlight reel, but it was the 99.9% attachment to form and structure that allowed them to break it.

Not deeply learning form and structure is like handing a 5 year old a football and say, “Go make a play!” They’ll be all over the field because they have nothing to adhere too.

You can’t do “Imma be me” things and expect to get “I wanna be like them” results. 

Form is your mechanics.

Structure is your arrangement.

This is how you earn your intuition. Because you stick to form and structure, you hone your senses in such a way where you can quickly break productively and return back to form and structure just as quick.

With no form or structure, you have nothing to return back to which is why you find yourself 350 miles off track scattered in 350 different directions.

Without form and structure in F&I (Finance & Insurance), my success would be sporadic. Because I stick to form and structure, when I  sense I need to break it to make something happen, I can, but I always return back to it.

TSL action items:

  1. Whether it be in sales, working out, finances, etc., where are you most frustrated in the process? Is it due to shortcutting?
  2. What form (mechanics) & structure (arrangement) can you put into place and stick to? (It may mean you back up, but you will get it back and then some. 🙂

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