Don’t let your customers leave the same way they came

Make sure your customers don’t leave the same way they came in…meaning if they leave with the same thoughts, objections, and concerns that they came in with, then you haven’t done your job as a salesperson.

You know those Russian Babushka Dolls that are several dolls in one? When you open the bigger doll, there’s smaller one inside…and when you open the smaller one, there’s an even smaller one and you keep opening them until you get down to a finger size version of the original doll?

That’s how you need to end up with your customers! When you can keep opening the dolls of objections, preconceived thoughts, concerns of whether they can trust you or not, and fears of whether or not they’re on the right path, you’ll bring them closer to a decision.

Ultimately you cannot control whether a customer buys from you or not, but you can heavily influence it. Customers are not coming to you for information-everything they need to know is right there online. They’re coming to you because they need help in how the information applies to their needs in their lives.

Imagine a customer’s mind is like a crystal vase. That vase represents all of their research and logic. So when you begin working with them, rip the vase out of their hand and smash it onto the table…then take fragments of their initial thoughts and ideas and say, “You’re gonna need this, this, this, and this.”

You break it down and then build it back up. Even if they don’t buy today, they’re more likely to come back to you in the future because they left differently than when they first came in.

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