Are you following their pace or setting your own?


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What’s your pace? Is it yours or do you rise and fall to someone else’s

A pacer is one who progressively sets the expectations of others to follow. You’ll see this in a race where other runners will adjust to the rhythm and cadence of the pacer.

And if you’re not careful in life, you’ll start off as the one setting your pace and wind up running someone else’s race. 

You’ll see this in relationships. The pacer is up at 5 AM 7 days a week to work out and eats the foods that support that healthy lifestyle. But then we he meets his boo, he falls to her pace. Eating out more, snuggling a little later and before you know it…he’s pacing but he’s not the pacer. The pants get tighter and the shirts get looser & 50 lbs is packed on “overnight.”

The pacer has 6 months income put up in the bank & no debt, but because she loves and believes in him becoming a big time musician one day, the pacer loses her lead, buys him a truck to go to gigs and “loans” him money to buy equipment. A year later, the only thing left to their lifetime relationship is a mountain of debt.

You let yourself go because you lost your pace and started following someone else’s.

When it comes to your health, wellness, finances, and career, you must be the face of your pace.

Like a runner in the race, always know your pace. It’s not about always being out front, it’s more-so about being in control of your progression. There are days where you’ll get be getting smoked-nothing is going your way, but even in those tough days, you’re still the pacer. You don’t slow the the whining and excuses-from you or anyone else, you work your ass off to get your battle rhythm back and begin inching up back into the lead.

Being the pacer is lonely. Because you’re the one setting your pace every day, most want be able to keep up with you. Others will  catch up to your pace in hopes that you’ll slow down to theirs.

The natural default setting is to revert. (aka reverse)

It’s lonely getting up a 5 AM, setting your pace, carving your future, while others sleep in.

It’s tough to show up & be the pacer in sales. The tendency is to follow the pace of the store. If there’s tension, you’ll be tense. If it’s slow, you’ll slow down. Most rise and fall to the rhythm of the market, versus seeing the market as an opportunity and relentlessly setting the pace.

Career, creatives, finances, or health, be the face of your pace. You’ll never fall behind nor let yourself go again, if you’re the one setting your pace.

Besides, if you slow to someone else’s pace, you’ll also fall to their results.

TSL plan of action:

  1. Are you setting or following the pace?
  2. When do you have a tendency to lose your pace and slow to someone else’s.

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