Raise your hand, change your future. |Even having the wrong answer is better than no answer at all.

“The person with their hand always up is going to get promoted before you. They’re going to get the office before you. They going to leverage their promotion to a better paying job before you even get a raise. 

You were better trained, better prepared. But you didn’t let the world see that because you were scared. That fear is going to stop you from getting full value for your work. Don’t let that happen. ~ Curtis (50 Cent) Jackson “Hustle Harder. Hustle Smarter.”

You can’t show the world that you’re ready unless you’re willing to raise your hand. Jackson couldn’t figure out why his friend couldn’t break through to the next level in the music industry. The guy really knew his stuff. He and Jackson had deep conversations, but 50 couldn’t put his finger on it.


Jackson brought his friend along for a meeting with some high powered, well-polished music executives. Because his friend “factually and instinctively” knew the vision for the project better than anyone, 50 brought his friend along so that he could blow the executives out of the room and land the deal.

Yet when the executives started throwing ideas around the room and asked questions, 50 was left trying to answer them while his friend silently sat on his hands.

He didn’t say a word. The guy was afraid to raise his hand because he didn’t want to give the wrong answer. He’d put in all of this work to get there and when he finally got his chance…

He lost faith in himself and sat on his hands in the presence of others who were self-assured.

Why would those executives take notice? Why would they have a reason to keep an eye on him and consider him in the future-even if this deal didn’t come together?

He never even raise his hand…

Raising your hand grants you choices. Sitting on your hands leaves you the leftovers. 

Want more success? Want to be in a different tax bracket? Want to be able to say No and walk away to certain inequitable deals? Want more freedom? Tired of being vulnerable?

Then raise your hand. Those who raise their hand won’t always have the right answer, but they’re not afraid to have the wrong one either. 

How will you learn if you never raise your hand? How will you ever discover what worked and didn’t work if you never raised your hand and stepped into the arena?

How will you be chosen if you don’t show that you’re the one to be picked?

Raise your hand…

Want to start a podcast? Raise your hand. Download the Anchor app and start one.

Want to start a blog or YouTube channel? Raise your hand and put your content out there.

Want to be promoted? Raise your hand and do work worth promoting.

Want more customers to buy from you? Raise your hand and audaciously show them why you’re the only option.

Your considerations…your leverages-hell your whole future is in your boldness to ALWAYS raise your hand. 

Not sometimes…but always because there are some-times you’ll be on an 0-11 streak and if you base your decision on your last failure, you’ll never put yourself in position to succeed.

So put your hand up…and leave it up. And while you do, keep doing the work. You’ll get it and do it wrong in the process…but at least it’ll be wrong on the way to being right.

The world is looking for someone to pick. It might as be the one raising his hand.

Never settle, keep selling your way through life. No matter what.

~Stay in The Sales Life.

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