Live “with” vs Live “for”


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Notice how your mind and body physically and psychologically shift when you say, “I gotta live with (it)…”

When you say those words, do you feel energized and empowered or do you feel drained and helpless?

When you couple “with” to your hardship, you shift from power to acceptance. You hit the shrugs and say, “Oh well,”  take what you can get, and forever live with the struggle.

You park in life because you live with instead of living for. Same adversity, but a different mindset coupled with a different action.

Bad month? “I guess I gotta live with it & try to figure something out.”  vs “Alright, I got my ass handed to me last month. I bet it’ll never happen again. I live for this! Let’s go!”

Financially in the hole? “I gotta live with it. Hopefully they’ll take minimum payments for the next 37 years.” vs “Oh my God, $50,000, I don’t know how I’m gonna come up with that! But I live for this! I’ve got skills and talent that I’ve got to put to work and find my options.”

Do you sense the difference? For is gain. With is lack. For advances you past the point of adversity whereas with buckles you to the adversity. 

Your business is struggling…your podcast and YouTube channel have no audience…your body is screaming with soreness and fatigue…and the last 5 customers in a row said No?

Change your mindset by saying, “I live for this!”

It’s not that you want the struggle, but you’re damn sure not about to back down to it either. Show me what you’re afraid of and I’ll show you what you’re made with or made for. 

Will you take it on or will you let the adversity take on you?

Name anyone who has overcome adversity because they lived with it.

No actor or athlete has ever made comeback; no entrepreneur who was on the doorstep of failure, nor any top producer ever triumphed because they lived with the situation they were facing.

They’re where they are today because, even though they were scared as hell, running out of time, and had no Plan B, they courageously pushed past the emotions of the moment, stepped into the arena, & said, “Let’s go! I live for this!”

With takes ownership of the struggle and accepts it as no other way. For takes on-the-shift and advances to find other options.

When you feel uncertainty creep in & the voices of doubt start to ring out. When you have the “don’t wants-” you don’t want to get out of bed and work out; you don’t want to work with that next customer; you don’t want to make that call, shake back by saying, “I live for this.”

Go earn your “E” today. Put an “E” on the end of your “For.” To those who are ahead of you, yell out, “Fore!” because you’re incoming. Because you “live for this.”

Never settle, keep selling. Stay in The Sales Life.

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