Perfect now. Inferior later.


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“The version of you is perfect for right now, but it’s inferior for next year.” ~Ed Mylett

Those words seared into my soul last night. Mylett went on to say, “I am in a constant crises to get to the next version of me.”

Recapping a previous episode, I made an offhand comment recently, “If your life were like that of an app, when’s the last time you had an update?”

You can’t want 4.0 life running on a 1.0 version.

Love who you are today, but be desperate to improve. You only hear half of the message when they say that you are perfect just the way you are…

…the rest of the message is, “for right now, but you’ll be inferior next year if you remain the way you are today.”

So you must be in a “constant crises” to get to the next version of you.

When people say, “I love me some me,” I hear acceptance. They accept their current version and say good night to the world at age 21. Decades later they’re still running on the same old version.

The greatest compliment anyone can give you is, “You’re not the same person you used to be”


I better not be, because I’m up every morning at 4 AM to get to my next version. You’ll never hear the words, “She loves me just the way I am,” come out of my mouth. Why give myself or the ones I love an inferior version when there’s a better version available?

If you truly, truly love yourself then prove it by being in a constant crises to get to the next version of you. 

You need a why? You need a passion? You need a reason to get up?

Because there’s another version.

How exciting is that! How powerful is that very thought…that  another version is available and attainable for me.

Think of the freedom that exists in that idea. You are free to pursue another version of you and when other people try to remind you of your past, remind them that you were running on an old version.

You’re going somewhere & if that’s so, you might as well be the one to determine which version you’re running on.

“Identity drives behavior.” How you see yourself drives what you do. So if you see yourself as “Too” dark, short, late, old, or dumb then you will behave that way too. 

Those are all old versions. Be desperate to find a new one.

I like version instead of level because levels can get overwhelming. If I’m on level 5 and I want to get to 220, the minute I hit the wall of adversity, I’ll quit because the level is too far out of reach.

But if I wake up each day desperate to get to the next version of myself, even if my day caves, I’m still in the game because I’m just trying to get to the next version.

The formula for your day: Routine + Action = Next Version.

You will not get to the next version without working a routine. Your routine consists of the form (mechanics) and structure (arrangement) to your day. Every successful person works a routine; 3-5 non-negotiables that they adhere to on a daily basis.

My routine is 4 AM, meditate, think, write, record the podcast, and bust a sweat. Every day, I have to hit those beats and sprinkle in learning something new throughout the day.

That compounded action brings be to my next version.

Never settle, keep selling your way through life no matter what. Stay in The Sales Life.

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