EMULATE, don’t imitate your way to success.


They say imitation is the highest form of flattery, but emulation is the highest form of success.

Imitation and Emulation are more different than you might think.

Imitation wants the outcome- the A to Z, but emulation is what it took to arrive at the outcome- B to Y, everything that came after the start and before the outcome.

Emulation plays the long game. Imitation gets frustrated, quits after the first round, and finds a new game (aka job hopper), but the emulator will break the game down, fragmenting it to discover what worked and didn’t work to use on the next round.

Have you ever seen one of those old miner towns that depicted the western days. And you walk through the middle of town and look at the old county store and saloon, but when you walk to the side of the saloon you realize it was all a front. Come to find out it was all staged, just a piece of plywood braced from behind. All front and no depth.

That’s what imitation is. Imitation is what I want you to see. Emulation is what I need to be.

Imitation is make believe. Emulation is making belief-becoming a student of my craft.

Imitation matches the style. Emulation finds the patterns. When I emulate someone I want to know what they know, follow their beliefs, and travel their path until I can find my own.

Imitation vs Emulation is like the difference between a rack suit and a tailored suit. A tailor will take all of the measurements, adjusting for certain areas. He only uses the finest fabrics because not only will it look better, but it’ll last longer too. You’ll buy 3 rack suits to the one custom made suit. (i.e. 1 Top Producer can do the work of 3 average ones)

What differences do you see now between imitation and emulation as it relates to your career? (Leave me your comments below)

I don’t want you to imitate the successful, I want you emulate what it took to be successful. (Look vs Took) Because imitation doesn’t last. It’s more of a fad and once the shiny bright ball of success tarnishes in your mind, you’re off to another adventure, saying, “It wasn’t for me.”

This is why the pushers that you follow on social media don’t pay you any mind even though you’ve bought all of their merch and commented and reposted all of  their content, flattering….but unsuccessful.

You want others to notice? Emulate them, don’t imitate. They know who they are and what they’re about. Do you?

It’s like paying to boost a post vs organic reach. Boosting gets you some quick hits, but the organic reach where you have a body of quality work….so much so that they have no choice but to take notice of you.

What are your takeaways from these differences? How will you apply it? (Comment below)

I don’t want you to get burned out. You get burned out because you want their now, but you forget about their then. For every now that you admire, there was a then. Then is what it took to get to where they are today.

Immation is sold. Emulation is earned.


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