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As much as I love to learn, it’s impossible for me to stay in stride with all of the podcasts and YouTube channels that I subscribe to. So if you’re behind on The Sales Life daily episodes, I’ll  quickly recap them for you so that you can pick which ones are the right ones to go back and check out.

Episode 523: Comes from sports psychologist & podcast host of “Finding Mastery” Michael Gervais. I ran with his thought, “You have to know form and structure before you can break form and structure, otherwise you’re just shortcutting.”

The Point: Professionals adhere to form and structure that way when they need to break & make something shake (i.e. Athlete making an awkward shot; an entrepreneur taking a huge bet; or a salesperson skipping parts of the process), they do so, but quickly return back to Form and Structure. From the outside it looks like they’re winging it, but pros can break form and structure because they know how to come back to it after they break from it. Spectators watch the pros and think that they can do it too, but the difference is that pros know how to come back home to form and structure whereas the amateurs just keep on going.

Episode 524: Don’t be so quick to ask for help.

The Point: I see this a lot in young managers and salespeople. They’re confronted with something they’ve never seen or experienced before and are too quick to ask for help. A part of building your confidence and credibility is the ability to learn how to know what to look for. I get that, in the moment, you don’t know what to look for, but you have to learn how. That’s marinating in the unknown and silencing the mayday! voices crying in your head. Sit there and figure it out. How will you ever learn to figure it out if you don’t try to figure it out.

Episode 525: Be the face of your pace. (My favorite this week)

The Point: You’re either setting the pace of your life or following the pace of someone else. The associations you keep either cause you to pick up or slow down your pace. If you adjust to someone else’s pace you will adjust to their results. So be aware.

Episode 526: Always raise your hand.

The Point: I’m reading Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson’s book this week,  “Hustle Harder. Hustle Smarter.” 16 pages into the book I had to take it to The Sales Life nation. The leverage and opportunities go to the one who always raises his hand. Not that they’ll always have the right answer, but that they’re not afraid to have the wrong ones either. This is a part of self-discovery, learning what works and doesn’t work. Don’t sit on your hands. How will you ever be picked if you’re not confident enough to raise your hand. Raise your hand and be the first to eat or sit on them and survive on the scraps.

Episode 527: Live “with” vs Live “for.” (Ok this one was my favorite this week too.)

The Point: There’s a difference between living “with” and living “for.” “With” is the “it is what it is” mantra and we just take punches to the face from life. Living with is accepting that there are no other options. Living for is, even though you’re scared as hell, you lean forward saying, “I live for this!” Watch your whole mind and body shift by using those 4 words. It’ll put you back on the hunt and shake you out of the victim mindset.

Episode 528: “The version of you is perfect for now, but it’ll be inadequate for next year.”

The point: That was Ed Mylett’s words while on Tom Bilyeu’s podcast (Subscribe to both of their content). He went on to say that he’s in a “constant crises” to get to the next version  of himself. Dude this one rocked me. How freeing is that! How powerful is it to know that no matter where you are in life right now there’s a next version of you just ahead. I like the word version versus level because level 220 can seem too far out of reach if you’re standing at level 5. Stay hustling with a “level mentality,” meaning just get to the next version and when you , there’s better one after that.

Episode 529: Imitation vs Emulation

The Point: Imitating success will lead to massive burnout and frustration because you’re trying to quickly copy someone else’s results. Where imitation is trying to get as fast as you can from Point A to Z in a flash, emulation is the slow burn adopting the work ethic of Points B to Y. All of the points in between the starts and the result. Don’t imitate the successful, emulate what it takes to become successful.

P.S. A friend of mine and author Patrick Tinney added his power thoughts on Linkedin, “I emulate ideas, not people.” (Mic drop)

That’s the recap from this week’s episodes.

Which one(s) did you like best? Let me know in the comments below.

See you tomorrow.

Never settle, keep selling your way through life, no matter what.

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