The line starts at “why” not “what.”


If you really want to make someone stammer, after they tell you what they do…ask them why do they do it?

People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it & what you do simply proves what you believe.” ~ Simon Sinek

You can’t skip the line & go straight to what without why. What is the identity. Why is the reason for the identity.

If you’ve got no reason or emotion powering your identity, you’ll quickly flame out.

Getting into sales is a what. But why do you do it? For me, I love the psychology of selling. I love writing my career on unlined paper & playing the edge of no ceiling to cap me nor floor to catch me-it can be a burden at times, but it’s worth it.  I love that I didn’t have to go back to college and finish my degree in order to be “successful.” The why’s power what I do every day.

Why did I get into the car business? I knew that I could financially change the landscape of my life, but I also had an overpowering urge to teach. No one helped me buy my first vehicle-not only was I overcharged, but I was under-promised too. My revenge was to do what others didn’t, teach and empower customers and salespeople to buy and sell cars. It wasn’t an “us” against “them,” it was a lack of knowledge on both sides, so I set out to contribute one customer and salesperson at a time.

Customers don’t buy my what, they buy my why. I’m so convicted in why, that it manifests in what I do. I prove what I believe.

The reason why you’re not selling any properties is because you skipped the line. You bought a what, but you’ve got no why.

You thought that because you bought a license to become an agent, trainer, or massage therapist or got a degree that you were guaranteed success and it’s not playing out like you envisioned, because there’s no why that proves what you believe. You hoped for an outcome, but you don’t believe in what it takes to arrive at a specific outcome.

Ask yourself, “Why was it so important to get into my what in the first place?”

If your only answer is “to make a bunch of money,” then when (not if) it doesn’t instantly happen, you’ll bail out in search of another what continuously failing because you’ve got no why.

Why is the narrative that gives life to what you do.

People buy because of why...because what is a commodity.

A car is a what. Why they chose that specific one is the reason they buy.

A grocery store is a what. The fact that you’ll drive across town to go to a specific one is a why.

This is why no one is hiring as their personal trainer.

This is why you can’t get off the ground floor of average in sales.

This is why you keep showing the $50,000 fixer uppers and not half million dollar homes.

…because you’ve got no why.

Your customers have a stronger why than you do. They know why they won’t buy from you because you don’t know why you’re in the business in the first place.

Elliot Bushnell has a local catering business and he proudly shows his why. Weddings, parties, or corporate events-from the food to the ambiance everything is first class. It’s hard work, yet he loses himself in his craft because he’s in love with his why. His customers buy his why because he proves it in his what. 

The same thing with podcaster Jordan Paris. He found himself sitting in monotonous college courses asking himself what is all of this for? He didn’t believe in the what of a 4 year degree, so and discovered his why by starting Growth Mindset University, boldly landing some of the most influential people in the world to share what isn’t being taught in school.

A paycheck is in your what, but your wealth is in your why.

Your why is what makes the what worth it.

Never settle, keep selling your way through life. No matter what.

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