Nothing comes hard. Hard is chosen.


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Why is it so easy to eat bad? You can get a 10 piece nugget for $1.49, but you’ll walk out 10 bucks lighter when you buy a grilled chicken wrap.

Fast food joints make it easy to eat bad, so easy in fact, that you choose them without even thinking-and that’s exactly what they want.

They want you to rationalize that it’s “just for today,” so it’ll be ok to smash that supersized # 4, but that seemingly one day never has a sunset and every day becomes another “just for today,” until you’re suddenly 50 lbs overweight or six feet deep.

A recovering alcoholic said, “Drinking is easy; running is hard.”

It’s easy to sit at the bar and order another round or roll one up & smoke just so you don’t have to think about what lies ahead (just for today). It’s hard to lace up and voluntarily choose something that makes you sweat & hurt.

Hard is the greatest separator. It’s what separates the masses from the classes.

You hear the phrase, “Nothing comes easy…” but I say everything comes easy. It’s called Acceptance; Oh well; and It is what it is. 

Easy comes and when it goes it leaves behind a residue that, like yeast, gives rise to complacency and acceptance.

Hard doesn’t come, it’s chosen. The question is, when you’re confronted with hard will you choose to take it on? Not in hopes that it’ll get easy, but that it’ll become more manageable, so that you can eventually level up and take on more hard.

Will you push beyond, “I want to quit.”

Will you push off even though it hurts?

Will you show up, even when it feels like it’s of no use?

Most won’t. They accept easy. Hard is standing right in front of them, but instead of taking it on, they look over the shoulder of hard and say, “I’ll take the smaller life…” “I’ll lift the lighter box.” “I’ll have what everyone else is having.”

Nothing comes hard because hard is a choice.

Everyone wants an uphill life but have downhill habits. ~ John Maxwell

Eating right is hard.

Working out twice a day is hard. 

Recording The Sales Life Podcast, live, every day before work is hard.

But I love it…because I get to choose & I won’t accept easy.

Easy is available, but I don’t want what’s available, I want to choose and because I choose hard, I also get to choose the type of life I want too. 

Beggars can’t be choosers, right? But if you beg for an easier life, then you forfeit your rights for a better one. 

Damn right I’m entitled…because I choose hard even though easy is available.

When others zig, you go opposite and zag doing work that is contrary  Yes, you’ll be lonely at times, but I’d rather be classified as elite than clumped together as average. 

If you want something different than everybody else, then you have to choose to do and go through something different than everybody else.

Easy comes… & when it goes, most wait for easy to come back around again but when it does, because your standards are a little more diluted each time around, that you’ll end up shrinking into a life of acceptance.

When hard shows, it’ll make you grow…but only if you chose.

Never settle keep selling your way through life no matter what.



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