Get off your points & (back) into your ranges


In episode 535 we talked about making better decisions by listing a range of potential outcomes. Often the decision we made didn’t work out simply because we didn’t consider other potential possibilities. We moved forward on what we thought would happen not what could happen…and could won out, because you only factored in one point. Yours.

Points affect your decision making, but they also affect your whole life because, knowingly or unknowingly, you move throughout your day to get to points and cease living in ranges.

Every day you hit points. Points of certainty, familiarity, and comfort, which is understandable because the points make you feel safe, even though you don’t like the results. You wish that you lived in a different house or town. You wish that you were in better shape or were more successful at work. Your life feels flat and stale because you’re living in points and no in longer ranges.

You learn in ranges, but survive in points.

When it’s new you’re forced to work with the unknown, but once it becomes familiar, you establish the points and lose the range. You go from making progress to very slowly regressing. Out of safety and convenience,  your range shortens from a range to a solitary point.

How much discomfort do you tolerate in your day? Do you purposefully seek to add discomfort or do you wait until it forces itself on you?

One way to tell when you’re moving in points is when you use phrases like, “I don’t want. to look stupid.” “They’re not gonna go for that.” “I can’t do that.” “I’m not good at that.” That’s Points Speak…you speaking directly to a point of what you (think) you can or cannot do and no more.

Your point is your problem. Point of view. Point of perspective. Point of effort. Point of safety. Point, point, point, point, point.

And points are where life flat-lines…

I had no idea how much of my day is scripted. I write, record, and film The Sales Life. (Scripted) The clips you hear & see on social media are edited. (Scripted) The way I sell is scripted.

So much of what I do is scripted-I know this because it’s uncomfortable for me to suddenly go live and talk on camera-even though I’ve done over 500 episodes! That’s why I force myself to record The Sales Life live because I do not have the option to start over-if I get stuck I have to figure it out and push on.

Because of my tone, many think that I’m serious all of the time, yet those who know me know I like to laugh and act stupid. But on the outside you don’t get to see that because I script everything which brings me to a point and if I work to a point then I shorten my potential for success.

I know it’s hard to believe, but by and large most introverted people are salespeople. We perform extroverted and are successful because we know how to a point (make a sale), but in doing so we lose our range and cease growing.

Knowing exactly how to arrive at a result is proof that you’re working with points and no longer seeking new ranges.

Add some range to your day. Those ranges could be suffering, vulnerability, and areas of discomfort.

They don’t have to be major…just ranges of something off your normal point.

  • I do TikTok’s with my daughter. She can dance, I look like a lumberjack.
  • Get a Snapchat. There you will see the unscripted side of me. (@themarshbuice)
  • Use all new machines for a day at the gym.
  • Take a Yoga class.
  • Add an evening run/walk.
  • Fast until noon for a week.
  • Ask for a discount from Starbucks.
  • Go live on social media for a few minutes.
  • Start a podcast or YouTube channel.
  • Call 5 of the first customers you ever sold to.
  • Introduce yourself to a random person. (Not in a creepy way)

These are all areas of discomfort, but they are also areas of exponential growth because they are ranges and not points.

? How does going live on social media better me in my career? It flexes your creative muscle and makes it harder to stop and start over. (The show must go on)

? How does TikTok make me a better manager? It strips you of your societal mask for 15 seconds and shows your human side. People work with people not titles.

Yes it’s awkward because it’s a range and not a point. I can’t bounce to Megan Thee Stallion, but it gives my daughter something to laugh at and post on her TikTok account.

Options in Life come from ranges, not points. Try some range and you’ll discover new possibilities.

Never settle, keep selling your way through live no matter what. Stay in The Sales Life.




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