No wagon, no band


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People can’t jump on your band wagon because it’s parked in the garage.” ~ Sam Horn

There are so many things that you want to DO: Mentor, speak, teach children how to read, help the elderly, raise awareness, sell homes, cars, and insurance, write a book, start a cooking show, teach how to apply makeup, review products…OMG the list could go on forever. (You’re reading the list smiling and adding to it aren’t you.)

Tons of great ideas, but you resist starting because you don’t know who or how many will support you. 

How can we jump on your bandwagon if it’s parked in the garage of your mind?

Who can you hitch your wagon to that will help you pull the load if there’s no wagon to hitch to? As a matter of fact, I didn’t even know you had a wagon because its covered and parked in a locked garage.

Pull your wagon out…the band will come. Start with free and build from there.

On October 3, 2017, with $10,000 worth of obligations and $11.18 in my bank account The Sales Life started in my closet on the Anchor App. I had no choice but to start at free.

You don’t need resources, you need resourcefulness. Don’t wait until you form the perfect connection, build the best website, and have all of the right equipment and logo…just use what you have right now. You’ve got a tackle box full of talent, so get resourceful and use what’s within arm’s length right now.

Th entry point has never been any lower. No one is there to stop you-sure, there will be plenty who will snicker, scoff, and shake their head at disbelief, but truthfully, though they’ll never tell you, they’re just hating because you’re courageous enough to start something that they never will.

The critics are many. The brave willing to be criticized are few.  

But those same people who laugh at you now, will be the first ones to say they knew you back when too.

8 people listened to yesterday’s episode. EIGHT! But at least those eight, and the thousands who’ve listened to other episodes, have a wagon to jump onto. I don’t wait for others to show up-I show up first, and park The Sales Life  within fingertips to those who choose to get on.

Mike, William, Tom, Rich, Kinny, Josh, Jon, Billy, & Elliot are just a few who support TSL. My wagon’s hitched to great people like that who’ll jump onboard and help pull the show, but if I’ve got no wagon, then they’ve got nothing to pull.

Whatever it is that you want to do, pull the wagon out, we’ll jump on.

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