“Can I succeed even if I hate sales?”


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“What if I hate sales, can I still be good at it,” is a question I’m often asked.

The short answer: Yes…

You don’t categorically hate sales, you hate what you’re not good at because in those instances, your weaknesses are exposed. 

You hate:

  • Asking for the sale and bracing for the No.
  • Asking for the sale after they’ve told be 112 times they weren’t buying today.
  • Calling the leads and them hanging up on you once they realize you’re a salesperson.
  • Following up because you can never seem to get them back on the phone. “They probably bought somewhere else,” you think.
  • Being rejected.
  • The feeling of being dismissed as you approach the customer. (As if you didn’t see the clinched jaw, eye roll, nor the exasperated breathing. )

The list can go on forever. You hate what you’re not good at.

People don’t hate math because they’re good at it. They hate it because, like you, every time they couldn’t solve a “problem,” they reminded themselves that they’re no good at it and bailed out.

I hate putting the new wi-fi code in on the TV. I never can get the right sequences of numbers, letter, and underscores and bail out after the second time.

I hate the first half mile of my run.

I hate getting up around 4 AM.

I hate calling customers.

I hate being cut off and told No before I can even finish my presentation.

I hate getting beat up by a customer and ending with a goose-egg ($0 profit). (They seemed so nice:)

I hate folding clothes, taking a shower, and emptying the dishwasher.

But I love the results…

I love being able to get on Netflix. I love wearing slim fit pants. I love publishing another edition of The Sales Life Podcast.  I love landing the appointment.  I love rolling out my presentation and they happily agree to buy.

You grow through the hate in order to earn the love.

Besides, if you only did what you were good at, how would you ever get any better? Your results lay on the other side of hate.

You don’t hate it, you just don’t like what it takes to get there.

Most people hate leg day at the gym…but they like seeing the results of the big quads busting out of their shorts.

This is why a process is so key. Make what you hate a ritual. Just stick to the list. If you hate the phone, work the list to reach the objective of setting an appointment. (Period)

Don’t get bogged down because you blew up the last call, you didn’t know what to say after they rejected your idea or they hung up on you mid-way through your explanation.


Stick to the process; you’re just working the list to see the results. No emotion or woe is me! Just a list, buttons, dial. Let’s go!

Doing what you hate with no process in place will lead you to ultimate failure. Doing what you hate with a process in place will lead to success. Make earning 4 more No’s before getting up a ritual; make a 1 more mentality a ritual one more thought, idea, or offer. Make calling every customer on the list-regardless of what you think they’ll say a ritual. 

You hate what you haven’t yet mastered, but you can’t master until you start at novice.

Keep at it. Making the process a ritual will take out the sting of failure because you’re just working a list. Try it for a solid 30 days. You’ll improve, boost your confidence, and begin to see the results. (Oh after 30 days, renew the contract and go another 30 days 🙂

Never settle, keep selling your way through life no matter what.

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