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Social media is reeeeeeeeal good at showing you how life is passing you by. The blue water vacations, beautiful mountains, family pics (& yours is busted up), good food, nice cars, watches, bodies, and bags…

They’re quick to show you what they Are & what you’re Not. Seeing all of that can be overwhelming.

I want you to change one thing today. Instead of letting social media choose what you should see, I want you to decide for what to search.

Search more than you scroll…and produce something today along the way. I don’t care if it’s a doodle, a post-it note, a meme, a 30 second video, painting, or opening paragraph to your new book with no title.

Use social media to purposefully search for people or topics that create Value, Education, and Inspiration so that it may trigger your voice.

I want you to move from being a spectator of other’s lives to an active participant in your own.

If you want to flip your life then flip the way you use social media (or the way that it’s using you). Produce more than you consume. Think of producing as adding to your life whereas consuming only takes away.

Sure you can stay connected to the world through social media, but only after you’ve produced because much of your stress is due to scrolling.

Scrolling  triggers the FOMO (Fear of missing out) & ALMO (Already missed out) and only worsens by the minute-and  to make matters worse, while you’re being a voyeur to everyone else’s life another opportunity literally just walked right by you. Because your head was down, you missed the lead, phone call, customer, or a chance encounter with a person who could’ve connected you toward a higher future.

Today you have a platform, with no barriers and scrolling is the only thing stopping you. Decide how much or how often, but either way, just produce. 

I promise you, that if you’ll produce more than you consume, and search in such a way that adds value to your voice through value, inspiration, and education, you’ll see your whole life change.

Why first scroll through something that only makes matters worse? Clint’s running another marathon. Susan sold another property & Steve created another painting, podcast, and blog.

Seeing all this before you produce will only make you feel worse, but seeing them after you produce, because you took care of you first, when you do see their content you’ll appreciatively say, “Oh wow, I’m on my way too!” instead of jealously thinking “Ah damn, I missed out!”

There’s two reasons why you’re not producing.

You’re not using your voice because you think it’s either too late or too soon. Thanks to scrolling you’re comparing how far someone else is in relation to your starting point or you think that it’s too soon, thinking you must hit a certain success metric before having permission to speak up.

But the difference between them and you is…

They were successful in their minds long before they were successful on paper.

The value that you create comes from your unique perspective. Others may be similar, but no one..and I mean no one is exactly like you. We need you to produce what burns inside. If you paint, speak, sell, write, create a memes, quotes, characters, or clips-whatever your art is, put it out there.

You need to start because someone else needs to know that it’s OK to start too.

Be the lead domino today.

**What will you start today?

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