How to guarantee yourself a WIN


Want a guaranteed WIN?

It’s impossible to be undefeated in life, but you can’t be defeated when it comes to your fitness.

No matter what is going on or wrong in your life, showing up to bust a sweat is a guaranteed win for you.

At the lowest times in my life, fitness was the only thing that kept me from taking myself out. I was demoted, broke, and being a newly divorced parent, my children wanted nothing to do with me…fitness was the only thing I could win at.

So every morning and every evening I would lift weights and go running. Normally people do the opposite. When it all hits the fan, they sit and sulk…I chose to sweat.

Look at fitness as a guaranteed win for you today. You may be uncertain about economy, relationships, job situation, or how you’re going to even pay your mortgage…but the one thing NO ONE can take from you is your ability productively sweat.

& when I say fitness I don’t mean a chiseled beach body-just bust a move. Make it a priority to bust a sweat everyday. It could be 10 minutes or 1 hour but if you do something strenuous for yourself…then that’s a win in my book.

Don’t look at how far you’ve slid nor how far you have to go..just go for a guaranteed win.

Show up for you 🙂

Thanks for being a winner.

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