Don’t hit the reset button 🚨

Right now, I’m reading Mark Hunter’s amazing book, A Mind for Sales, & on page 41 he writes, “Don’t hit the reset button.”

Hunter puts a big emphasis of not letting Monday be your crutch days.

(Hunter) “Most people use Mondays to set up their week…”

but really it’s just a procrastination day because here’s how your week normally rolls out.

Monday is your “setup day,” right?

Tuesday you push off. Wednesday works off of Tuesday and on Thursday (good or bad) you’re gearing up for the weekend.

Friday becomes your warm body day, where you’re just riding it out until the weekend- vowing to hit it hard next Monday.

The vicious cycle goes on and on…

Next Monday comes around-another setup day. Tuesday and Wednesday go to crap. Thursday, the weekend is in sight, and Friday it’s beer-thirty.

You keep telling yourself, “Monday, I’m gonna hit it hard,” suddenly you find yourself 10 years later-the only thing that’s fatter is your waistline, not your bank account.

You’re always hitting the reset button.

Hunter’s words,

Monday is your push forward day, not a day to hit the reset button.

Resets are necessary in life.

Vacations and long weekends void of social media are resets.  The resets remind you that your current dire situation is not pervasive. A reset is necessary, but I think often, especially in sales, we’re too quick to hit the reset button.

“The fastest way to reset yourself after a bad call is to move on to the next call, ” writes Hunter.

Your sales call is just like riding a horse. The only way you’ll become a better rider is to get right back on after getting bucked off. The only way to improve in any situation is to step right back in the batter’s box; to get right back into the game; and to put yourself right back in front of another customer.

You want to get out of a slump? It ain’t gonna happen by sitting.

Think about it. If you haven’t worked out in a while, your first day back you think, “Oh God it’s great to be back! Why did I ever quit?!”

But the next day…

…you wake up and swear that you’ve been in a coma for 32 1/2 years.  Everything hurts-even your lips and because you’re so sore, you decide to rest that day.  The only way to overcome soreness is to work out again and it’s so contrary to what our emotions are telling us to do because when we try to pick up that weight,  it feels like our body’s just gonna pull apart at the seams.

The only way out is through-it’s damn sure not done by hitting the reset button.

“Many struggling salespeople are too quick to think that, that if they just hit the reset button & reset their goals, they will become successful.” (Hunter)

But when you keep resetting your goals, you’re always going to reduce it down to comfort and convenience.

If you’ve sold more than three Mondays, you know firsthand what I mean. It doesn’t matter if you have 11 years or 11 minutes left in your month -somehow, someway, you manipulate your month in such a way that you’re just barely able to squeak out another month-vowing to hit it hard next month.

In hard times, renew your plan with more effort, don’t reduce it down to taking less risk. 

Instead of trying to adjust the circumstances to fit your plan, adjust the plan to meet your circumstances.

Every month salespeople set a plan and when the circumstances go awry, and they always do, we try to bend the circumstances into our pre-formulated plan and it when it won’t fit, we quit, reverting back to comfort convenience to squeak out another month.

Sound familiar? Your nod is proof that you just keep hitting the reset button.

Set a plan and when the circumstances arise-it could be a customer, a manager that just pissed you off, a jealous salesperson, your baby mama, the economy, or life in general, adjust the plan to meet the circumstances-DO NOT hit the reset button 🚨.

Push off, get back on the horse… get back in the batter’s box-willing to get hit by another pitch, & adjust along the way.

You can’t go higher, if you’re always hitting reset.

Remember the greatest sale you’ll ever make is to sell you on you because you’re more than enough.

Stay amazing. Stay in The Sales Life.

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