Drop the excuses and discover the reasons why you’re underperforming in your sales career.

Most books make you read 75% of the book before they drop the main points on you, but not Mike Weinberg in his brilliant book, “New Sales. Simplified. The Essential Handbook for Prospecting and New Business Development.” Mike lets you have in in Chapter 2 titled, “The not so ‘Sweet 16’ reasons why salespeople fail at business development.”

If you find that you are underperforming in sales, it’s due to the wrong behaviors, attitudes, and attributes.

Reading the 16 reasons, I quickly identified areas that I’d let slip.

They’re always waiting: “Top performers in sales don’t want for anything or anyone. Waiting is a key ingredient for failure.” Most salespeople are waiting for the phone to ring, lead to come in, customer to walk up, or old customers to remember them. You’ve got to be a sales hunter by being proactive in everything that you do.

Can’t tell a story: The only one who is listening to you is you. As the rejections mount so to your cynicism, which is why you slam the phone down saying, “I can’t get my customers to do anything!” No wonder! You’re not creating a story that compels them to do anything.

 “Many salespeople don’t invest the energy to sharpen their story, but instead serve up. pitch that neither differentiates from the competition nor compels the buyer to act.”

They are guilty of a fake or pitiful phone effort: “Salespeople are so nervous and uncomfortable that they are completely ineffective. Lack of confidence ruins their mental state and their voice tone.” You’ve got to suck in order to succeed. An overwhelming majority of salespeople hate to voice-fully use the phone. To soften the rejection, they’ll send a text instead.

No athlete was born with a ball in their hand nor were any salespeople birthed as a phone ninja. Reps = Skills.

Don’t only call the customers who asked you to call back. (They were telling you what you wanted to hear anyway.) Don’t just call the customers who you hit it off with either. Call every one, every time. Trust me, you won’t die, but your career will.

They babysit existing accounts: Many salespeople avoid further rejection by reasoning that they’re too busy “servicing” their old accounts. Cultivate your relationships but don’t cut off new opportunities. You’re a Sales Hunter remember?

They stopped learning and growing: The price of entry for the sales profession is low, but the costs are enormous…and the results are worth it 🙂 “We must continually sharpen our skills and improve our craft. Those unwilling to invest will likely begin failing at a faster rate.”

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