Do you fear the result or the preparation





The Iron Man of Major League Baseball Cal Ripken, Jr. was asked how he handled fear. He said that, when he played, he didn’t fear the result- such as the outcome of the game being decided by his bat or glove…he feared the preparation.

“How I field a ball in Pee-Wee League is going to be way different than the thousands of situations I would have to handle in the Big Leagues.” The fear of preparation is what drove Ripken to incessantly train for every possible scenario.

I’ve been in seconds left, no time-out situations and I’ve been in last day, last customer, have to make this deal to hit the monthly objective situations and never did I fear the result…because I always prepared.

Have I seen everything? NO.

Can I handle anything? YES. There is no scenario that I cannot handle. Inside I may be O.S.’ing it, but you’d never know it by looking at me, because of my relentless preparation.

I can’t control the ultimate outcome, but I can control how I prepare.

When you are rattled, if you fear the result, it’s because you lack preparation. Deep down inside, you know there was more you could’ve done in those off-line hours to prepare for the situation you find yourself in today, yet you didn’t.

I love this concept.

When I feel myself getting anxious before a customer walks in, I can re-center by asking myself, “Do you fear the result or do you fear the preparation?”

I know I’m fully prepared. I’m always working and reworking on real (& blown) scenarios so when I face a similar situation, so why fear the result?

Fearing the result is proof that you lack preparation and if you fear the preparation, then do something about it.

When you blow a phone call, physically take your phone out of your pocket and make a mock call again. Go through the actual mechanics because your subconscious doesn’t know the difference between a real customer and your co-worker. Make the call and work through the scenario until it’s silky smooth.

If you blew that last close or had the deer-in-the-headlight look when asked a question, physically, emotionally, and mentally roll it over and over until it’s right. And keep working until it’s the best.

It’s not enough to mentally slosh it around in your head, you’ve got to work it all the way through using all of your faculties-that way when it happens again (& it will), you’re ready.

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Remember the greatest sale you’ll ever make is to sell you on you. Because you’re more than enough.

Stay amazing. Stay in The Sales Life.

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