Pocket the cause. Keep the effect


When Tracy Tutor, celebrity Million Dollar Listing broker and author of “Fear Is A Four Letter Word,” was going through a divorce she had to learn how to wrestle with unreasonable attorneys while bringing her A-game to broker million dollar properties.

She kept the 2 worlds separate by learning how to Pocket the cause, but keep the effect. 

She pocketed the energy draining moments to deal with later, but repurposed the energy that was created from the cause to bring about results. (i.e. She closed deals.)

Sales is a great business….as long as everything else is going perfectly in your life, but the minute you lose your shizzits, you torch everything around you-including your potential sales. 

I’m a big fan of mantra’s-something to re-calibrate you when you are deep in the weeds and in need of a quick reminder- so obviously I’m  in love with this one:

Pocket the cause. Keep the effect.

This is not easy to do, but the more you put it into practice you’ll get better at it.

When something (or someone) lights you up, pocket the spark, for now, but keep the energy revved up from that spark to make something epic happen. (In a good way not involving the fire department.)

The worst thing you can do is pull the cause into your profession. Think of your cause as a little red wagon that you pull behind as you walk into a room full of glass bottles stacked in a pyramid (that’s your workplace.) In a haze, you mindlessly walk through the room and your wagon (i.e. cause) clips a bottle, causing them all to come crashing to the floor.

If you’ll learn to pocket the cause, but keep the effect, you’ll bring an intense focus to your work and bring about results annnnd here’s the kicker, the results bring about confidence. That confidence can get carried over to handle the causes more productively.

Remember the greatest sale you’ll ever make is to sell you on you because you’re more than enough. Stay amazing. Stay in The Sales Life.

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