Screw the certainty, take the chance


Today Fredrik Eklund is the number 1 real estate broker in the nation, but it wasn’t that long ago (10 years in fact) that he left Sweden and came to New York as a real estate nobody.

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After getting his real estate license he went to work for a small boutique firm called JC De Niro (the actor Robert De Niro’s uncle). Each agent is assigned “the floor” on certain days, meaning when a client walks in, it belongs to the agent working the floor that day.

But outside was fair game 😉

Eklund saw a man curiously looking at the storefront window & since he hadn’t yet stepped inside, he was anybody’s client. Eklund leaped at the chance and met the man on the NY sidewalk. The man was remotely curious as to what his apartment could sell for, with that, he and his new agent whisked back to the apartment to be shown around.

The guy’s head was spinning, not sure what’d just happened. Eklund, in glam fashion, met the man’s family, got to know his story, and promised to have a market analysis put together ASAP.

Eklund left that man’s apartment grateful for the CHANCE.

Do you remember how grateful you were just to get a chance? You didn’t know where it would lead or how much time you spent-and even if it lead to no where, it was ok. You tried, right?

You took the chance.

Today you don’t want to take a chance, you only want certainty. You want a 1:1 ratio. Every customer, call, or lead has to be a deal and the minute it feels like it’s no bueno, you mentally check out. No help, no questions, no curiosity, and no wonder the young bloods are lapping you.

You’re too predictable. You know how to game the system to predictably squeak out another month and you can’t seem to figure out why other’s businesses are thriving and you’re not.

It’s because they take chances and you don’t. Sure a chance is a risk, but it’s also a probability-a statistical number put into your success system. The more chances you’re willing to take, the better your odds at smashing the self-imposed ceiling that has capped your success.

Chances are your bucket list. (Eklund’s words) Think of your life as that of two paths. One path is short and easy, but it lacks scenery and has no adventure. The second path is harder, steeper and full of twists and turns, but the view is amazing and the climb is worth it. That’s your bucket. Take the chances; make the climbs-it’ll all be worth it.

Stay amazing. Stay in The Sales Life.

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