Accept. Agree. Admit. Deliver

Recently on Jeb Blount’s Sales Gravy Podcast, Improv Specialist Gina Trimarco laid down the fundamentals of Improv. One of those is to accept what the other person is saying-even if you don’t agree with them.

I’ve blown many deals because I didn’t agree with the customer. How many friendships and connections have been lost, blocked, or unfriended simply because one didn’t agree with the other’s post on Facebook.

Acceptance not only keeps the ball rolling in Improv, it’ll keep it rolling in your SalesLife too.

I’ll use the car business as an example…because that’s what I do! 🙂

Let’s say a customer comes in and slaps me with a, “Big Town USA has you guys beat. I gave you guys another chance, but ya’ll blew it again.!”

Since I don’t agree, if I’m too quick to defend, I’ll likely make the situation worse and the customers will leave and buy somewhere else (& probably pay more) simply because they didn’t want to come back and say that I was right.

Even if you don’t agree with someone, just accept it because we’re playing for a bigger picture here.

When you mentally accept what the customer is saying, my body and facial features stay relaxed vs. looking like a mad prune because I’m locked up in disagreement.

Here’s the juicy part:

Now that I’ve accepted what the customer said, I create a narrative using their words to get them to agree. (This is the Wow he gets me stage.)

(Like this) Them: “Big Town USA has your price beat!”

(Me mentally accepting): “So it sounds like the truck you are looking at here is a little out of budget (NOTE: When they say price, you say budget.) and you’ve seen less expensive options out there, right?”

Customer: “YES!” (Agree) (Wow he gets me stage) If the customer voices another objection, don’t sweat it. Keep using their words in your narrative until you get them to agree. Using their words not only shows that you are listening (Gina would be proud), but they also have no choice but to agree…BECAUSE IT’S THEIR WORDS!

You’ve got the agreement, now we have to get the customer to admit. This is where you really have to tune into their body language and facial features because they may not verbally admit it, but their body will.

Remember, as a negotiator you are like a defense attorney. You don’t have to prove the whole case, you just have to prove a reasonable doubt. You’re looking for a loose thread by throwing out a few scenarios.

Admit Stage:

Option 1: “Let’s take a look at what you’ve seen at other places that way we’re all on the same page and I can see where we’re missing you.” This keeps you out of the “Where’d you see that at!? & They’re a bunch of liars!” land. (“That way we’re all on the same page” is a way to keep confrontation out of the negotiation.)

Option 2: “Many businesses will advertise low prices by stacking incentives (Rebates) that are not compatible with one another so the price looks great online, but is not able to be finalized on paper. In a town with a large population, what’s a few mad customers, right?”

Option 3: Similar ain’t the Same. “Every dealership orders their vehicles so what may be the same Model and Trim Level, may not be similarly equipped. Let’s look again at your Must-haves.”

I’m not trying to prove the customer wrong, I just need to get  them to admit that it may not be all right.

Because you’ve handled the whole scenario like a pro and your customer has admitted that maybe, just maybe they missed a thing or 10, now you can deliver the goods at the best value (And you are part of the package that they can’t get anywhere else!).

Stay Amazing. Stay in The Sales Life.

Listen to today’s episode on The Sales Life Podcast here. 

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