Insecurities are BS Artists

INSECURITIES are B.S. artists. Everyone & I mean everyone has don’t think that you’re alone

Your insecurities can be an advantage for you because they call you out.

When your insecurities whisper to you that you’ll always be broke, fat, & single…when insecurities sneer that you’ll never bounce back or become successful…

Run at your insecurities.

The thing it says you’ll never be, respond with, “Oh yea?! Prove it!”

Running at your insecurities will make the shadows disappear. What’s crazy is you’ve been running for years from those insecurities, but when you charge them, your insecurities run from you. (Ever had one of those “That wasn’t so bad” moments?”)

Running at your insecurities cultivates your courage. Courage is built by running toward the thing you most fear not by running (emotionally or physically) from the thing you don’t want to deal with.

Don’t know how to deal with it? Start by charging at it.

Running at your insecurities teaches you how to breath because you learn to stand in the tension, take control of your wild thoughts, and lean in.

Charging your insecurities defines what you’re made of (courage) instead of reminding you of what you’ll never be.

Your insecurity is an empowerment & is right there for the taking.

Insecurities think you’re not strong enough to take them on.

Don’t mask the insecurities by buying a bigger shirt (to hide the love handles) or a case of beer to drown out the regrets.

Run at it & say, “Oh yea? Prove it!”

What is 1 thing you’re running at this week?

Stay amazing! Stay in The Sales Life.

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