“IN” isn’t your responsibility. “Of” is.

So many people are trapped in the “IN” moments of their life.

Something happened in their life from childhood to being blindsided with a divorce or termination & all they ever talk about is what happened “IN” their life.

IN moments suck & may not be all your fault but you’ll never grow into the person you aspire to become if your “IN” dominates your every waking moment.

Your “OF” moments are where you take responsibility OF what happens after the IN.

Ask yourself today, “Am I talking about the ‘IN’ or the ‘OF?’ right now?”

It takes the emphasis from how the story started to THIS IS HOW IT ENDS.

The ball won’t always bounce your way. You may lose a deal, not get the promotion, or get slapped with (& lose) a frivolous lawsuit.

With “OF,” you control the narrative and set the course for the outcomes.

What’s your “OF” after your “IN?”

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