Work in odds today. Bust up your “usually’s.”

Work in “odd” numbers. Bust up your “usually’s.”

Here’s my challenge to myself this week & want you to come along.

* Work in ODD numbers. Instead of smooth, rounded off numbers, let’s mix it up.

• Resistance Training: (weights, bands, or body weight) instead of 10 reps do 11

• Cardio: Trying to knock a mile out? Do 1.1 miles. Feeling salty? Ok 1.3 miles. (If you go to a smooth 2 then you’ve gotta end at 2.1)

Break up your “Usually’s” this week.

• “I usually get up at 7.” Make it 6:51 & do something productive (non social media). Prime your mind with 9 minutes of solitude; a video from Eric Thomas or David Goggins; or read 5 pages of a book you’ve been putting off.

• “I usually leave the office at 5.” Stay 11 minutes longer (set your timer) to work on something productive.

“I usually go home and crash.” Don’t even go inside- take a lap around your block.

🔥 The odd numbers seem so small that they’re just as easy NOT TO DO as they are TO DO.

So do them. (Here’s the rub) It’s so small that it seems like it doesn’t matter, right? …but they do carry meaning.

It MEANS you busted up your “usually’s” aka your comfort zone, increased your tolerance, & that compounded over time MATTERS because…


You’re not playing a singular game, you’re playing a compounded one.

Work in odds this week.

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