Your Skids or Ruts Are Due To Mismanaged Memory

In his book “The Magic of Thinking Big,” David Schwartz writes that a lack of confidence comes from mismanaged memory.

When you begin to lose, what do you tend to focus on? The wins or losses? 90% of your month could’ve been wins, but that 10% of losses erases all of those good vibes and you begin to focus and feed solely on the negatives.

What you withdraw depends on what you deposit.


Mismanaged Memory is due to withdrawing the funds of losses, shoulda-coulda-woulda’s, & blames, leaving you with insufficient funds towards your success.

Unsuccessful people dwell. Successful people dual.

The unsuccessful dwell on everything that went wrong whereas the successful people dual process the losses.

Instead of dwelling, successful people process the losses by:

  1. Taking ownership of the loss. You can’t change what you don’t own. Successful people look for the leaks & disconnects so that they can…
  2. Learn. Because they take ownership, they ask questions like, “What’s my role in this?” “What did I miss?” “Where is my disconnect?” so that they they can…
  3. Apply what they’ve learned toward future success.

Confidence is an investment not an inheritance. Every day you must invest in behaviors that support that investment- even when you aren’t seeing the results, you keep on investing.

Every time I’ve been on a slick spot, the losses intensified and my confidence plummeted because I suffered from Mismanaged Memory.

I trapped myself in an endless cycle of depositing/withdrawing losses. Because I didn’t activate my losses, I could only withdraw what I’d deposited.

You are in charge of your memory. What you deposit, you withdraw.

Here’s how you productively manage your memory.

Keep the losses as pennies.

Instead of letting the pennies mount up as loss after loss and end up weighing a million pounds of regret and shame, diversify the losses into: 1) Ownership 2. Lessons 3. Application

Yes, a loss is a loss, but don’t leave it as a loss.  Treat your losses as if you were investing in a mutual fund and spread the deposited losses in accounts of future wins.

With a mutual fund, you spread the investment out. So for you, break that penny of loss down & spread it into funds of 1) Ownership 2) Lessons & 3) Application.

Even when you add additional losses (& you will), they don’t stay as losses. Now that you’re managing your memory productively, the losses are diversified & compounded into future wins.

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