You’re just one away

Mood: Some days I’m just ☝️ away from chucking the deuce ✌️& saying screw it…

On those days when I want to turn back I’m reminded too that I’m just “one away”- one corner…one call…or one connection away from catching my wave 🌊 …

Isn’t that the mystery to it all? To not know the answer to “How close?” nor “How much longer.”

The only answers are in my effort & through my effort, “one day” will arrive & I’ll be glad that I didn’t give in nor turn back even though I was that 🤏 close.

Decades later cadets can’t move forward because they caved into the temporary feelings of pain & uncertainty- ringing the bell 🔔, ending their hopes of becoming a Navy SEAL & living with a lifetime of regrets.

Quitting becomes your identity. Finishing becomes your legacy.

The “in between” is where it’s darkest & scariest.

You’re at the crossroads of transition or repetition.

You can choose to wade into the waters of uncertainty & unfamiliar- transitioning to a new dimension in your life…

or you can turn back & repeat a life you so desperately want to get away from.

Don’t turn back…because you’re just “one way.”

Stay amazing.

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