Your circumstances may not be equal but your opportunities are.

Your circumstances may not be equal, but your opportunities are.

Think about that for a second.

Everybody’s got different circumstances-we’ve all got different things going on in our life, right?

But no matter how diverse our circumstances, there are still opportunities!

Because opportunities only exist and can be seized by those who are willing to see them.
Opportunities are an equal employer.

They are!

Opportunities are always looking to hire someone no matter who’s in office or the state of the economy.

But most people don’t even apply.

So let’s take both ends of the spectrum.

Let’s talk about the guy down the road who seems like he wants for nothing. No struggle, no cares, just a picture perfect world.

Well, he misses out on opportunities.

Because he’s complacent. He’s satisfied. And if there’s no hunger, there’s nothing to seize because there’s nothing to see.

You can’t seize what you don’t see.

But let’s go all the way to the other end of the spectrum. The person who lacks everything. Well that kind of person misses the opportunities too because all they see is lack. All they talk about is what they’re missing. They point to the guy down the road who has all of the advantages saying, “If only I had that.”

These people use lack as a crutch-giving infinite excuses as to why they can’t be successful, instead of creativily leveraging lack to create new opportunities.

So seeing both ends of the spectrum, now you know it negates all excuses.

And now that you don’t have an excuse, where’s your opportunity?

Stay amazing. Stay in The Sales Life.

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