Screw the goals. Create a mission.

It’s so fitting since the year is drawing to a close, that we’re talking about this topic-& it ain’t about goals either!

As a matter of fact, we’re gonna throw the goals on the back burner and instead talk about a mission.

In chapter 23 of his book, Chop Wood. Carry Water, Joshua Medcalf writes,

“Goals let people off the hook. If your goal is to become a doctor, there are many people who can stop that from happening. With so many checkpoints along the way, there will be people who will tell you that you’re not smart enough, nor do you qualify.”

The crazy thing is we listen to them! They say, “I’m only looking out for you,” or they may already bear the title, and since we’re not following their exact lineage, they stand in judgement and say that there’s no way.

“Goals shirk responsibility,” but the only person who can stop you from living out a mission is the one staring back at you in the mirror.

I think people are bored with goals because goals feel monumental. The finished product feels like you took on the job of carving the president’s faces into the side of Mount Rushmore.

It took them 14 1/2 years to complete Mt. Rushmore, which is how long it feels to accomplish our goals. If I were to tell you that you could accomplish any goal, but it was going to take you 20% of your life to achieve it, what would you say?

“Nah, I’m good!” Instead of reaching for summit, you’d instead walk toward the foothills accepting what life hands out and call it fate.

You don’t get in life what you deserve. You get in life what you negotiate.

I love the word mission instead.

Because the word alone makes you feel light on your feet.

And what’s beautiful, is you don’t need permission for a mission!

No one can stand in your way for a mission. As a matter of fact, no one has to even know. You’re just on it day in and day out.

Medcalf writes that a mission acts as an internal guidance system, so you can make tiny course corrections along the way. (Check out episode #495 of The Sales Life Podcast. Change is 3 degrees at a time.)

If you find you’re in a haze right now and don’t quite know what your True North is, but feel an agitation to do something different, then you can borrow your mission from someone else, because a mission is not based on tenure nor merit. As you progress, you can adapt it to your own.

A mission is daily fuel. Think quick, rapid fire bursts of becomings.

You don’t get to Mt. Everest without becoming a skilled mountain climber along the way.

Missions are chapters and within each chapter you check, adjust, & push Off.

Rinse and repeat next mission.

A goal is waaaay out there.

A mission is in here. (Tap your chest.)

It’s the next step.

Even though I have the ultimate goal of The Sales Life being global, I keep it simple and work my mission every day with what I live and learn so that I can share it in the form of podcasts, videos, and blogs.

Every episode you see me working my mission.

Some missions get fulfilled, other missions are pivot points to push off in a new direction.

Just the word mission alone, keeps you light on your feet, because you can quickly shape and ship your mission. It’s a brick toward the ultimate goal.

Missions are elastic. They give you the ability to zoom out five years then slingshot back in to today.

My mission for The Sales Life Podcast:

*Create a new podcast every week.

*Write the podcast in the form of a blog. (Out of 609 episodes I may have 100 of them blogged.

*Develop my YouTube Channel. (Join TSL here!)

My mission for health:

*Bust to sweat every day.

*30 minutes/day.

*Workout with weights 3x/week a day. To keep it simple, I commit to 5-6 exercises and working opposing body parts to save time. (ie. bench straight to lunges)

What’s your mission? Keep it simple.

Stay amazing! Stay in The Sales Life.

*The Sales Life is a never settle mentality. To never settle again means that you must keep selling through life. NO MATTER WHAT. Selling is a life skill not just a profession and if you want more, then you’re going to have to negotiate better using The 8 C’s: Communication, Connection, Curiosity, Creativity, Consistency, Continuous learning, being Coachable, and handling Criticism. The same skills we learn by profession can be applied to your life as well to negotiate through any circumstance in life. Some of them you’re already good at. Others you’re not. All can be improved. What is, is not all there is.

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