7 Ways to Keep Your Sales Game Green

Green is a term used to describe rookie salespeople, but green is also the color of professional salespeople too.

What color is your sales game? Is it still a lush, vibrant green? Or has it become a crispy brown.

In his book, The Bonus Round, Patrick Tinney lists 7 competitive advantages to staying green in your sales career.

#1. Product Launches: Tinney writes that he was the first one to test his company’s new products. “By thinking green I got to work out the kinks and work around the products. I was testing them on myself. The idea was to remove as much of the risk for my customers.”

When’s the last time you tested a new product/launch, not only to have a deeper awareness, in order to relate it better to your customers, but also to work out the kinks and help reduce your customer’s risks.

Green Test: Do you know what happens when you push every button on your product?

#2. Competitors: Are you green with your competitors? Are you keeping up with their launches and their ways of doing business or are you just too busy of doing business your way?

Green Test: Look at your competitor’s website and social media posts. What experience are their customer’s raving about?

#3. Legislative/economic changes: Are you green to the changes, outside of your control? “You need to remain in constant touch with the market and the government,” Tinney writes. Great salespeople, adapt. They don’t waste energy talking about changes they have no power to produce. Whether the change is BS or Right on! green salespeople keep it moving.

Green Test: What color is your speech? Green with optimism or brown with back-in-the-days embellishments.

#4. Innovation: The day you jump up and freeze in mid-air is the day you no longer have to change, but until that day comes, you’ve got to adapt to innovate and innovate to adapt. Nothing remains the same, nor should you. (Check out episode 609 of The Sales Life Podcast creating missions instead of goals.)

Green test: When’s the last time you did something for the 1rst time?

#5 & 6. Up-cycle and Efficiency: If you’re green to product launches, competitors, & innovation, then you can up-cycle your customers, and move them up or down, based on their needs and your expertise. This will not only develop a deeper trust, but also better efficiency for you.

Green Test: Even if it pays a higher commission, are you willing to move your customers to a lesser model because it’s a better fit for them?

#7. Collaborate with your customers. This one is HUGE. Many of your customers are business owners. ((New flash I know) They own a business, but they don’t know how market nor sell within their business. Collaborate with your customers and show them how to adaptively sell and market themselves leveraging social media. Shoot a few 15 second clips & create a few colorful posts for them to run for the month.

Obviously they trust you. Now deepen the trust by helping them fertilize their business.

Green Test: Who knows where it leads. You could start your own side-hustle marketing agency. Through collaboration you both learn from one another. You learn what it takes to start and run a business & they learn how to make it grow.

Your TSL action items up today:

What areas are you green? Maybe you’re green to the product launches, but see other areas that need watering.

What areas need watering? Maybe you’ve ceased innovating or studying your competitors.

What areas crispy? It may mean you’ll have to uproot & replant the dead areas of your sales career. The good news is that you can always start fresh & immediately in sales.

Watch the LIVE episode on The Sales Life YouTube Channel.

Stay amazing. Stay in The Sales Life.


*The Sales Life is a never settle mentality. To never settle again means that you must keep selling through life. NO MATTER WHAT. Selling is a life skill not just a profession and if you want more, then you’re going to have to negotiate better using The 8 C’s: Communication, Connection, Curiosity, Creativity, Consistency, Continuous learning, being Coachable, and handling Criticism. The same skills we learn by profession can be applied to your life as well to negotiate through any circumstance in life. Some of them you’re already good at. Others you’re not. All can be improved. What is, is not all there is.

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