The #1 reason why customers need you

Customers DONT NEED YOU!

The information about your product is all online. What they do need you for is the “yea-buts.” When what they read is contrary to the information they just received FROM YOU.

You’ve got to help steer your customers through those push-back situations & if you don’t anticipate & be ready to answer in a polished, professional manner, then you’re gonna blow your deal.

Think about the millions pieces of your kid’s playhouse that you’ve got to figure out how to put together.

The directions are right there, but when the directions you read don’t equate to the action that you’re taking, the words alone won’t help you through the “yea-buts.”

This is where you as a salesperson, parent, coach, or manager come in. To help bridge the chasm of giving up vs moving forward.

Never settle keep selling your way through life no matter what.

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