How I get 1000’s of episode ideas.

After doing over 600 episodes, people often ask me if I’m ever afraid that I’m going to run out of material?

My answer is never.

There’s no way, because everywhere and everything is material for me.

People think that you have to be secluded on a mountain side, away from civilization in order to get material. But the truth is you can get material from anywhere and anything.

Here are ways & whens that I generate content ideas:

Working out/Jogging. My #1 go to source for material (more-so than reading and I love to read) is PODCASTS. I love to pop in the ear buds and learn while staying in shape. On mile 4, I’ll hear an off-handed comment on someone’s podcast and get an “Ah-ha” idea to run with (no pun intended.).

Laughing with others. Great content comes from great conversations often times while over a beer and a ball game.

Heart to hearts. While helping a struggling salesperson or teenager, an idea will bubble up that can be shared with others.

Going over homework with my daughter. Yes you can learn from a 7th grader. Many of my episodes came from Mackenzie and I working on her homework.

Working with customers. In the heat of negotiations something will cause a spark of an idea.

Frustrations. My slick spots create great content. Because I am struggling with it, I have to put into context in order to explain it to to others. The clearer you are in explaining it, the better you’ll be able to learn, live, and share it.

I don’t know’s. Customer’s will hit me with a question that I don’t know the answer to. Game on! I get the answer and shareable content.

Other people’s posts. Don’t be so quick to like someone’s post. Read it, see if it resonates with you, and it may spark an idea that you can run with instead of just hitting a thumbs up.

My previous podcast episodes. But because I recorded it in a different season than when I’m listening to it now, I may interpret it differently and it gives me fresh material to share.

You’ll never run out of material and life will never get stale for you if you’re always looking at everything and everyone as material for you.

You don’t have a material problem, you have an attention deficit to capturing the material problem. You think that you can file it away in your mind and come back to it and write it down later. The truth is you won’t remember it so capture it in the moment.

One way that I capture material is I record it on the voice memo app on my phone. That way I’m able to capture not only specific words, but also the emotion and the thought behind it.

That way when listen I listen to it later, I hear the words, but I also feel the emotion that went with the words. Sometimes I’ll run with exactly what I recorded, but other times, I’m glad I didn’t run with it because I may think/feel differently now.

In my phone right now, I have over 1,600 recorded ideas for future episodes and I’m adding to it every day, but I started with ONE. Like any exercise, the more you do it, the better you’ll become at it.

The only requirement is you must live it in order to share it. (Otherwise you’re jut FOS Full of Sh**)

Never settle. Keep selling your way through life, no matter what.

Stay amazing. Stay in the Sales Life.

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