Don’t “just be yourself” today

Many years ago, actor and comedian, Steve Martin, was talking to a young actress on a flight. She told Martin, “When I go to an audition, I don’t know who I’m supposed to be. Do I show up to these auditions all warm and bubbly? Or do I show up low key, as if I don’t need the job?” Martin told her the same advice that we’ve all gotten, “Just be yourself.”

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But since then Martin has recounted that statement.

He said, “Even after all these years, I don’t even know myself.” So how do you be yourself if you don’t know yourself? Moreover, how do you be yourself if you don’t like yourself?

Today Steve Martin advises others, “Who do you choose to be?”

Today you have a choice. You can choose to be the one you were yesterday, and have been for decades, or you can choose to be someone different.

What version of YOU would you like to see manifest in your life? Is your version the one who is rich, influential, impactful, fit, married, or sober?

Who do YOU choose to be?

Now it’s not going to be easy because you’re going to have to fight through old choices that have been layered over your life for many years.

Initially, you’re going to put out more effort and get smaller returns. Your ROE, Results On Effort, are going to be low. You’re going to find that you’re giving more effort and seeing fewer results, but that’s because you’re building momentum in a different direction.

You’ve got no problem building momentum. You’ve been doing that for years. It’s just been the wrong kind of momentum; unconscious momentum. This is the kind of momentum when don’t even think about what you’re doing. These are the poor choices, habits, toxic relationships and thinking, but when you start playing to who you choose to be, you’re going to be building a different kind of momentum that is focused, purposeful, and determined.

Stay with it. Pound the stone every day. If you do, you’ll reach the tipping point where everything breaks open and you’ll become what you’ve seen yourself to be a top producer, YouTuber, influencer, business owner, multi-millionaire, or maybe just sober.

Every day, ATF: Act. Think. Feel. Actions come first, feelings always come last. Because you may not always feel like a success, but you can damn sure act like one.

Today, don’t be yourself. Be who you choose to be.

Remember, never settle, keep selling your way through life no matter what. Stay amazing. Stay in The Sales Life.

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