Monthly Archives: March 2021

5 Ways To Spot When Your Momentum is Slipping

Momentum is sneaky because you never know when it’s going to kick back in nor do you realize that you’ve lost it, until it’s too late. But you can learn to spot when your momentum is starting to slip. Hear this episode! Here are 5 ways to spot momentum slips: Mistakes: These are those boneheaded […]

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Be an odds maker not an odds taker

The sales profession is an odds maker profession. Every day, the odds are I will lose more than I win…but that is the only way that I’ll succeed.

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How to have better conversations and more conversions in sales using the TBOG technique.

Listen to today’s episode on Spotify or your favorite podcast app! Comedian Kevin Hart has made a career out of TBOG. He takes what the audience is thinking about whatever scandal, headline, or shortcomings that he’s had and he makes a joke about it. Hart has made an art out of, taking the bullets out […]

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