How to have better conversations and more conversions in sales using the TBOG technique.

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Comedian Kevin Hart has made a career out of TBOG. He takes what the audience is thinking about whatever scandal, headline, or shortcomings that he’s had and he makes a joke about it. Hart has made an art out of, taking the bullets out of the gun. Instead of trying to distance himself from the situation or shortcomings, he incorporates it. That way he controls the narrative. 
Take the same approach in your sales career. Take the “bullets” out of your customer’s gun.  Most people who own a gun are too scared to even use it. In the same way your customers have bullets. These bullets are objections, fears, and concerns that they are suppressing and are too fearful to voice them for fear of looking uneducated, unprepared, or weak.  If you’re ever going to be successful in sales you’ve got to learn the art of taking the bullets out of the gun- getting the conversation out of your customer’s head and into the open so that you can address their concerns and convert into more sales.    You can’t just run at your customers by asking, “What’s the problem?!” Instead have to create a narrative based on the cues that you detect from their body language, moments of hesitation, or indirect questions and statements that they’re making (aka tap dancing around the real concern). Take what you  perceive is their concern and make it a part of your narrative.   For instance, say you’re talking to a person on the phone who lives 500 miles away who calls about a used vehicle. In the course of the conversation you sense some hesitation. TBOG it. Make their hesitation a part of your narrative by saying, “Many customers that I’ve worked with were concerned that if they committed to a vehicle from so far away that it would show up in 2 halves or repainted with spray paint. Our vehicles are fully inspected and guaranteed. To be sure that this vehicle is the right fit for you, I’ll do a live video with you pointing out everything that I see. If the vehicle meets your expectations we’ll move forward, if it doesn’t we’ll keep looking around. How’s that sound?” Or a customer says that they want to shop around a little more. Find the fear. They say the vehicle has everything they are looking for, but….(they stall). TBOG it. “It used to be that you had to shop at 20 different dealerships, multiply times 4, divide by the square root of pie in order to make sure you’re not overpaying for a vehicle, right? Our vehicles are market-based pricing meaning that we price it right so you can buy right.” Here’s what’s great. 

If your perception is wrong your customer will correct you and the real objection will come out, but if it’s right your customer never had to voice the objection,  all they had to do is agree. That way you can address their concerns, build in more assurances, and move your sale forward. 

 Incorporate the TBOG technique  into your sales game today and have better conversations that lead to more conversions.   Remember the greatest sale that you will ever make is to sell  you on you because you’re more than enough.  Never settle, keep selling. Stay in The Sales Life.  

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